Code 8024001B, Windows could not search for new updates

Gateway laptop running Vista Home Premium.  No updates have ever been installed.  I launch the update program and receive an error.  "Windows could not search for new updates.  Error(s) found:  Code 8024001B.  And a TRY AGAIN button.  Searching for that error states that there are updates that are in the process of being installed.  If I click the Windows button (start button) the SHUTDOWN icon has the icon representing an update that needs a restart to finish installing.  I can shut down or restart yet everything is the same when I get back on the computer.  Any ideas why I can't install Windows Updates?
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I presume you looked at this page:
Windows Help and How-to:  Windows Update error 8024001b

Did you try this advice from that page:

If the problem persists after you try installing updates later, go to the Windows Update Support Center website to request support by email.
waterskiwvAuthor Commented:
I did see that information, though it didn't pertain to my situation.  I did not however follow the last bit of advice and submit a support request via email.
I found this page where a user called sira100 apparently had an error 8024001B with windows update, and another user named Diode gave this advice:;num=1171356703

sira, I had a problem with Windows Update also. I dug around the MS site and found this in the bowels of the community forum. It worked for me, first thing Windows Update wanted to do before updating was update itself!!! lol

I am assuming you are at the default windows systems setting of course...

You will need to rename the SoftwareDistribution folder (it will be recreated next time you visit WU again)
You will lose your update history but your going to make a new one anyway.

now to start the fix......

Click Start, In the search box, type services.msc
Right-click the Windows Updates service.
Click Stop.
Stopping the service will take a moment.

now to rename the ýSoftwareDistributioný folder:
a. Click Start, type %systemroot% , and then enter.
b. Right-click the SoftwareDistribution folder, and then click Rename.
c. Type ýSoftwareDistribution.old ý, and then press ENTER to rename this folder.

Click Start.
In the search box, type services.msc
Right-click the Windows Updates service.
Click Start.
Starting the service will take a moment.

I did this and rebooted, and Vista was off and running doing its updates. I think the windows update update has a big impact, no problems since then for me.

always do a restore point if possible before tweaking....very handy when things go haywire.

Hope this helps

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waterskiwvAuthor Commented:
I followed those directions and upon restarting I ran Windows Update.  I had the notice to install an update.  I clicked to continue and received a Windows error.  "Windows Modules Installer has stopped working".  Here are the details that are sent to MS when searching for a solution.

Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name:      APPCRASH
  Application Name:      TrustedInstaller.exe
  Application Version:      6.0.6000.16386
  Application Timestamp:      4549ae3e
  Fault Module Name:      wcp.dll
  Fault Module Version:      6.0.6000.16386
  Fault Module Timestamp:      4549bdde
  Exception Code:      c0000005
  Exception Offset:      000d0d72
  OS Version:      6.0.6000.
  Locale ID:      1033
  Additional Information 1:      bdaa
  Additional Information 2:      0b34a66d748b65ca1821a9e94445f43f
  Additional Information 3:      75fc
  Additional Information 4:      642e51b263812c4e23677de74815193a

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From this page:

TaurArian [MS-MVP]    Posts: n/a  
Re: Windows Modules Installer has stopped working


Make sure the "Windows modules installer" service is not disabled.
Log on as an Administrator -

Start button || Control Panel ||System and Maintenance ||Administrative Tools

Double-click Services

(Provide the Administrator password or confirmation if prompted to do so.)

Right-click the "Windows Modules Installer" service, and select Properties.

Select General tab - make sure that Startup type is Manual.

Otherwise start a free Windows Update support incident request:

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waterskiwvAuthor Commented:
The solution was to open a free support request with Microsoft.
this is an old thread i see, but i wanted to add that we are having this issue and i'm on the phone with MS now for about 2.5 hours. they are taking me in circles around restarts etc to probably buy time and get me to the point that i'll just say "i'll just upgrade to windows 7".
i'll update the thread once i have more news.
did anyone else find a solution in the past 2 years since this issue was posted here ?
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