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WinMail.dat + Outlook2003 + Exchange2003 SP2

Hello Guys,

i have a client he dont let loose about this topic and i think there is no realy solution, is there?
I hope u can give me maybe a advice to workarround.

To the Network:
Outlook 2003
Exchange 2003 SP3

The Problem:
sending mails to freemailer (gmx freenet aol) or Notes
the attatchens come in winmail.dat

Solution is sending as "text" and as well set the rcpt aswell to only text in the contakt. that works.
but i have a little bigger domain and everbody of then do more or less what they like. Sending in Rich or HTML.

is there a way what i can restrict all mails to txt in the exchange?
Somehow that i will loose no content in the Mail but to make shure for my domain that i will not creat a winmail.dat

whos fault is it anyway? Outlook? Exchange? Freemailer? Or is there no RFC for Codesets?
Thx alot and plz give me some solution for that mess ;-)
2 Solutions
Generally, it is Exchange fault

There are several solutions to this issue:

1) set internet format on a specific contact  - Outlook setting, inconvinient if you have many users with the same issue

2) create Internet Message Format settings on Exchange server for specific domain (the one that runs Notes).
In System Manager, Under Global Settings, under Internet Message Format, click new-domain,  provide domain name etc, and under "Advanced Tab" set "Exchange Rich Text Format" to "Never Use"

3) on the Domino side, version 6.5.6 or 7.0.2 or above, on SMTP server, add to the Notes.ini following line


However, last solution will only work on regular attachment mail and will not work on calendar invitations
I agree, it's usually Exchange's fault. Here is a MS Kb document that may help


Not USUALLY Exchange's fault. ALWAYS Exchange's fault. This is a very common prob;em, just google winmail.dat, you'll generally get hundreds of immediate hits that refer to MS tech docs that forushevsky quoted.
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HannoKirchhoffAuthor Commented:
HannoKirchhoffAuthor Commented:
Hey Guys,

thx for our help,

as i see is there realy no solution for that mass.
Now my Client can choose what he like to have, but thx again!

greets stefan
What do you mean no solution for the mess? You've been given very clear direction on how to set up Exchange so it behaves nicely with the rest of the Internet.

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