Main Registry File?


When I launch regedit, I'm assuming it always loads the same file.  I have several .reg files on my machine.  Which is the one that regedit loads when launching?
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It's actually two files.  System.dat and user.dat.  It loads the user.dat located in the user profile folder for the user you log in as and the same system.dat located in your Windows dir.
Does that answer your question?
The .reg files are actually files that contain key entries for the registry usually associated for specific programs. If you find a .reg file on your PC, chances are the data has already been loaded in the registry when the application was installed.  If you double-click on a .reg file, the OS will enter that data in the registry again. If you still use the app and know the .reg is valid, d-clicking on it again won't hurt anything but if the .reg file has been modified or is custom (not part of the application package) then it could be dangerous.

Also, in Vista user.dat is now ntuser.dat.

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