Best 3G (7.2mb) Internet device for portable internet on a laptop

I am looking at purchasing a 7.2mb 3G internet device so that i can get portable internet where ever i go, i am based in the UK and was wondering if someone with a little bit more knowledge on the subject could help me out a bit? On the best deals/suppliers to go for.

Does anyone know if these are any good? Do they actually get anywhere near 7.2mb internet connection speed?

I would prefer USB instead of cardbus devices,  and i would also like unlimited download usage.

Thanks a lot in advanced

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Darr247Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The technology is called HSDPA, which might help your searches a bit. I'm in the US so I'm not sure what's available over there, but look for the BandRich C100. They make it in USB, Express and regular PCM/CIA flavors. HTH.

I didn't see anyone recommend anything else, so apparently they all agreed that adapter is the best. :-)
I will comment on this, even though old and closed.  The speed of the port which you utilize your card from is the first thing to keep in mind as technologies get faster (e.g. utilizing USB, Express vs older PCMCIA).  Also, people only see the cell signal going to them via the cell tower pumping much higher power than your little fraction of a Watt phone or device.  That said, you look at your signal and go dang, I'm getting 4/5, I should cookin' but in reality the weakest link of the chain is your ability to upload or send traffic BACK to the cell tower.  I suggest, if you have the means, buy an amplifier (I solely use Wilson Electronics - amp, cables, antenna for the application).  If you can't do an amp in your situation, at least buy a nice antenna for your card... I have yet to see a card without the ability to utilize a external antenna.  Note, although your signal FROM the carrier is good, putting an antenna on it improves your ability to send TO the tower.  Match the antenna to your technology (3G or EVDO) -- a number of sites and extra gadgets exist, mileage will vary (I've used this site before and was ok ( so read around, new technologies are coming out all the time.  As an aside, Wimax is coming to a town near you, if not already there, and will quickly make 3G/EVDO data cards obsolete for the higher end speeds you might be craving.  As far as a 3G card goes, I have the Sierra 881 and Mercury USB as my travelling external cards and both work fine, but I like the Mercury better because of its size.
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