high water mark notification

I don't know if this is relevant, bu we're running Outlook 2007 on XP Pro. We've received the following email:
"From: HWM_Notice_From [mailto:HWM_Notice_From]
Sent: None
Subject: ATTENTION: High Water Mark Notification, total bytes stored.

Your mailbox is over the high water mark.
Please delete some messages from your mailbox!"

We've checked out the header details, and there's nothing to indicate where this is coming from, and no way to reply to it.

Outlook downloads our email constantly from the server and is not set to leave copies on the server. Our ISP is Time/Warner Roadrunner, and weve confirmed with them that the message isn't being generated by them, and that they show no mailboxes full.

For what it's worth, Roadrunner had an email size quota of 10,000 kb, and we've had someone send us an email with a large attachment that was rejected. It generated the following email:
"-----Original Message-----
From: Bounce_Notice_From [mailto:Bounce_Notice_From]
Sent: None
Subject: ATTENTION: Bounced Message Notification, total bytes stored.

A message was sent to you that was returned to the sender(bounced) because it would have caused your mailbox quota to be exceeded.

The following is the reason that the message was over quota:

       Quota Type: total bytes stored
  Quota Available: 7538229
      Total Quota: 10240000

The following is the information on the message that was bounced:

      Sender: XXX
     Subject: Fw: IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ:  Final PDF of New & Noteworthy #4
        Size: 10078999
  Message ID: XXX
        Date: Tue Feb  5 17:06:25 2008

    Reply-To: [No Reply-To]

To fix this problem, delete some messages from your mailbox, and contact the sender to resend the message.

If the size of the message is too big, contact the sender to reduce the size of the message and resend the message."

The "From" info ("Bounce_Notice_From") is similar to the HWM notice nomenclature, so we're thinking maybe it's from the same source; but, again, we've confirmed that it's not generated by Roadrunner (we've since increased the email quota to the maximum 90,000).

Has anyone run across this kind of notice when a full mailbox can't be located?

Chuck Thornton

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Can you log in to your mailbox via a web interface to see what is actually in there?  Are they filtering spam for you, but still keeping it for a little while so you have a chance to review it?  If so, it may still count against your limits.

Can you check the headers on the notification to see if it is a phishing email?  The headers will tell where the message was originating from.  Forward those to your ISP and see if they can verify which server initiated the message.
cwthornton1211Author Commented:
Thanks, but I've tried these... no luck. The headers have literally no information other than the "bounce-notice-from" nomenclature.
I'll close this question out, since it doesn't seem to be something other people have run across without an actual server issue. Maybe if it happens again I can get some more helpful information.
Thanks again.

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I am running Outlook 2007 under Vista Home Premium  and getting the same problem. Is there any furtehr development on this? Time Warner/Rodadrunner is giving me the same answer and I can't get one from Gates & Compnay. Would apprecaite an update since I did not see the solution.
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