collect mail from exchange with xp home

Hi There

I have a machine in the office here and it was ordered in error a couple of years ago. They couldn't understand why it wouldn't connect to the network and decided to use it just for printing letters and doing basic layouts for presentations etc..

I have been asked to look at it recently and try connect it the the domain. However it is an XP-Home machine. They only want to connect to exchange and collect one mail account. I tried briefly last week without much success (I didn't expect much).

The server is Server 2000 SBS and they all connect to Exchange through that. Is there anyway to connect through Outlook 2003, Outlook Express or any other mail package.

This is a mail only solution I am looking for.

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localhost_offlineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi - I'm also having issues with XP Home and Exchange, however I need full collaboration not just mails.

If you can run Outlook 2003 as the client and SBS 2003 you can connect via RPC/Http. I don't believe SBS 200 gives you that.

But since it's just for mails why not use Outlook Web Access?

You could setup the server as a pop server and use the pop in Outlook. See this for more detail:
You should be able to configure Outlook 2003 to connect to the exchange server on the XP Home machine. I've seen it work before.

Have you tried this yet? Do you get any errors? When setting it up, try entering just the servername in the exchange server field instead of servername.domain.local. Also be sure your DNS is setup properly.

Obviously XP Home is generally frowned upon in a domain environment since it cannot properly connect, but what you're asking is possible.
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Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
the cost of an upgrade to pro over the remaining life of this system is probably less than $1/day.  Just do it.  
doeyAuthor Commented:
Please believe me when I tell you I have already mentioned a number of that an upgrade would be the best option all round. However, this is not going to happen.

So please, no upgrade suggestions.
Any updates? Error messages? What happens when you try and configure Outlook with the Exchange account?
please note that you need a CAL to acces your SBS 2003. Normally Windows XP Home pc can not be allocated a license...
That would have to be correct with a device CAL - a user CAL is an authorisation at the server based on the credentials of the user.
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