How can I get custom submenu folders on XP Start menu to auto-open on mouse hover?

I would like to have a menu of shortcuts on my Start menu, which will hold a number of miscellaneous utilities and tools. To accomplish this, I did the following.

1. Created a folder name Urb Quickies in Windows Explorer
2. Ctrl-drag the folder to the Start button and hover
3. After Start menu pops up, continue dragging to the upper left area and drop
4. Add shortcuts to this folder

PROBLEM: When I hover over this folder on the Start menu, the contents don't automatically pop-up as happens for the other submenu folders, such as My Recent Documents or Favorites.

I've looked at the properties of my custom folder, Urb Quickies and the Favorites folder, and I can see no differences in properties.

When I examine the Start menu properties by right-clicking on the Start button, then selecting properties, I see the following.
o  Start menu (non-Classic) is selected
o  Customize-->Advanced shows that 'Open submenus when I pause on them with my mouse' IS CHECKED.

The 'open submenu on hover' works on everything except my custom folders. On my older Win2K laptop, this works as I want it to.

Is there some registry setting that I need to change to allow auto-hover operation on custom folders on the start menu.
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Forrest BurrisCommented:
Make sure that the Urb Quickies folder is manually moved in windows explorer to the all users/start menu directory. That will ensure that it will be read as a proper directory and not a shortcut.
urbiteAuthor Commented:
After my initial efforts, I actually created the Urb Quickies folder in the All Users/Start Menu directory. I just opened the All Users/Start Menu directory, and Urb Quickies is a folder, not a shortcut.

Urb Quickies appears on the Programs menu and hovering over this instance works fine - the contents are popped up and I can run programs. But, when I hover over the Urb Quickies instance which is on the Start Menu directly, I get no popup menu with the contents of Urb Quickies.

I just tried the following experiment.
1. From All Users/Start Menu directory, I made a copy (not shortcut) of Urb Quickies, which was given the default name of 'Copy of Urb Quickies'
2. Dragged 'Copy of Urb Quickies' (not ctrl-drag) to Start button and hovered
3. When Start menu popped up, I dropped 'Copy of Urb Quickies' in the pinned program area
4. Dismissed start menu
5. Opened start menu and hovered over 'Copy of Urb Quickies'. Still no popup
Forrest BurrisCommented:
I replicated your issue verbatim on my machine. You are correct, the folders cannot be displayed as menus but only as links to the folder themselves. I scoured the internet for 10 minutes looking for a powertool, tweak, or registry fix for this. If it's out there, I sure could'nt find it. You may be stuck with the possibility that... it's not possible. Someone else chime in on this please if someone is certain.
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urbiteAuthor Commented:
As you did, Addihul, I have googled and found no solution to this issue.

As a sanity test, I just tried and experiment on my Win2K machine.
1. Opened Users/Start Menu directory and created folder called 'Testing'
2. Dropped a shortcut to Windows Calculator into 'Testing'
3. Pressed Start button and hovered on 'Testing' folder
4. IT WORKED - the sole shortcut popped up and I was able to start Calculator app by selecting the shortcut.

Really puzzling why Win2K allows this and XP doesn't. I suspect there is a registry setting which will enable this in XP.

I just discovered that if I set my Start menu to Classic mode, hovering now causes the submenu to popup. This function goes away again when I switch the Start menu back to 'native XP' (non-Classic) mode.
Forrest BurrisCommented:
That's why it worked in Win2000. It uses a classic menu. And yes you're correct it works perfect in classic mode for XP. It's the theme based taskbar that doesn't span out the folders.
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