"Access Denied" when restoring a specific mailbox from BackupExec 11d to Exchagne 2003

I am attempting to restore a specific users mailbox from backup.  The user does not exist in AD/Exchange.  I have the job set to create the user.  When I run the job it creates the user and puts mail in their box (I can see it through OWA).  About about 50% of their mailbox is restored the job stops with "Access Denied" and then the mail disappears!

I am connecting using my personal domain account in the target domain.  If it matters, the BE server is in a different domain (no trust - old left-over before combining data centers).  But clearly I have permissions if BE is actually creating a domain account and starting to put mail in the user's mailbox!
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arrkerr1024Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Never did figure this out, just gave up.  Lost some major credibility for our backup/dr though.
I believe you need to be logged in at an administrative level, and the Backup Exec service account also needs full rights on the mailbox.
arrkerr1024Author Commented:
I am logged in to the box as a domain admin.  The BE service is running under another account w/admin rights.  However, the JOB is specified to connect to exchange using a domain admin account in THAT domain.

Using the account that the job is using to authenticate to the exchange box I can log in over OWA, create domain account, etc... so it does have admin rights, and it can see and mess with mailboxes, but it could still be some permission I need to change... no idea what though.

I wish that there was some way to just get a PST out of BE... doesn't seem to be though.
Hi there,

I am having the same problem with the same setup. Did you find a workaround for this?


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