Help with ADHResize.mde and subforms

I am trying to use ADHResize for the first time.

I have a TreeControl acting as a switchboard and to the right I have an  unbound subform control that gets it SourceObject when the user selects an item from the TreeControl.  I have all the needed resize code on all the forms that can be loaded into the subform control but they don't seem to resize.  

I then tested things by manually binding the subform control to one of the subforms.  When it is initially bound, the subform will resize perfectly, until I select another menu item to bind the control to another subform.  I have all the resize commands on the On Open of the subforms.

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DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft MVP, Access and Data Platform)Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Just an fyi.  I purchased this product for $35 (a steal) ... and it is truly amazing:

You can download and test for free.  I seems to cover ALL cases ... forms / subforms / tabs and on and on and on ...

UniqueDataAuthor Commented:
This is for a client with 10 pcs.  I would need the $65 license agreement, which still isn't bad but I would rather use the free one if I can.
UniqueDataAuthor Commented:
I never got an answer, but that's ok..time to close this one out...
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