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AD configuration question

I need to create new OUs in our AD structure and I'm looking for a scripted/automated way to handle this. Here's the goal:

We have several OUs based on an office's global location and we are adding new offices. I need to be able to duplpicate the existing structure from a current office as a template to create the new one.

I'd like to duplicate all the containers, ACLs, delegation of authority settings and group policy settings.

I could use cvsde and dsrevoke manually but I'm looking for a way to automate the process so that each time its done the results are the same.

Does anyone have a script that does this or can someone point me to a source for such a thing?

Thanks in advance.
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Cláudio RodriguesFounder and CEOCommented:
This should give you a good start:

Cláudio Rodrigues

Microsoft MVP
Windows Server - Terminal Services
are you still talking about a single AD environment? If so, i would be looking at scripts...actually out loud thinking (or random garble depending how you look at it) i used to script both internal and external...and i am useless with scripting...i could probably pass you through a really messy example of what i used to use - basically pumps for a name....then creates a whole load of users and groups etc etc and OU's of course, based on the input....

learnt it all out of here
mhymanAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the responses so far, but I must not have explained what I'm looking for very well.

I'm not looking to add users or groups, rather I'm looking to "clone" parts of the AD infrastructure. For example, if I had:

  -- San Francisco
     -- sales
     -- mktg
         -- mktg management
         -- mktg admin
 -- Boston
   -- etc.....

So, if I add a new site and I want to replicate all of San Francisco's containers and associated ACLs, group policies and delegations, how could I do that?

Are you saying jut export to a file, modify the file then reimport? Won't that only get me the container names? How do I deal with the GPOs, ACLs and delegations?

you cant replicate partial parts of AD, its simply not feasible, they each have their own security ID's etc assigned to them....your best bet is to script a new set of objects in a standard format OR export, edit and import, there is no internal replication features for this sort of thing, only custom automation (script, powershell, import etc)

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