Problem connecting to Belkin Router (F5D7231-4)

Hi All,

I have a strange problem with my wireless router which is affecting my laptops (Compaq Evo 600c and Dell Latitude 120L). Both laptops are running XP Professional with SP3.

My current wireless setup is as follows;

Belkin F5D7231-4 connected to exNTL 200 Cable modem (set up with wireless bridging)
Main PC connected via RJ45 to F5D7231-4
Belkin F5D7130 access point connect to Xbox 360

When I connect the laptop(s) to the access point I am allocated an IP address and can surf the internet OK. However, when I connect to the router, it appears to connect to the router (Connection utility shows connection ok and signal strength ok) and an ip address is issued in the correct range (192.168.2.x) but I cannot connect to the internet.

So far I have tried

1. Enable and disbaling MAC filtering
2. Enabling and diabling the ability for certain access points to connect
3. Talking to the router nicely
4. Shouting at the router
5. Threatening to throw it in the bin

Nothing seems to work, please help. I do not have much hair as it is, so do not wish to pull any more out.

Many thanks

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jderaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try to disable the windows firewall.
Try release/renew the routers IP from your ISP. I am not familiar with the Belkin interface, but there should be an option to release/renew its IP from your ISP. This happens occassionaly on my linksys at home.

Bazzer_RAuthor Commented:
Hi Dif,

I cannot see this option, only one to change the length of leases from forever to other lesser times.

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Is windows firewall enabled?
Bazzer_RAuthor Commented:
Hi jdera

The Compaq laptop has Comodo firewall enabled and the Dell has windows firewall enabled.

Bazzer_RAuthor Commented:
Hi jdera,

Disabled firewall (Comodo & Windows) - Result!
Re-enabled firewall - Still working

The simple solutions are still the best. Thankyou all for your help.

Bazzer_RAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much. I would not have believed it could be so simple. That's why you're the expert and I'm not.
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