Suppress Citrix Prompt to Change Server?

I am new to Citrix and have experience primarily as a user.  My comnpany utilizes desktop ICA files to access databases on a central server.  Whenever anyone restarts their machine or their internet connection is changed (e.g. laptops connecting via differet wireless networks), the user is prompted as follows:

Prompt Title: Change Server - Citrix Program Neighborhood Agent
Prompt Details: What is the address of the server hosting your pubished resources?  (This question is followed by a drop down for servernames.)

The workaround that we have been using is to simply cancel out this message box and that seems to be fine since we are later connecting via ICA files that contain all the pertinent information.  This is OK, but not ideal because we want to rollout to clients eventually and this recurring message is a nuisance we want to eliminate.

Any tips on how to suppress this prompt or otherwise eliminate?  

Thank you for your help!
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Craig RoberdsConnect With a Mentor MISCommented:
I am guessing you installed program neighborhood agent and then you only use either program neighborhood or the web interface.  What you will have to do is for the existing users is reinstall the ica32Pkg.msi file and click modify and then deselect program neighborhood so it has the X and then it won't install and you do not have to worry about the PNA logon screen popping up.  (Or do an uninstall/reinstall if you download a newer version from what you have)

For new users just do the same and deselect the Program Neighborhood agent when you install the client software.
PNAgent is only good if you are going to use it.  It will allow you to centrally reconfigure your Program Neighborhood installations since they are "fat client" applications and are manually configured.  As above, if you aren't going to use it you can uninstall that component.  
jlp3hAuthor Commented:
Thanks, this is helpful.  
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