Performing a restore on Exchange 2003 after running eseutil /d

Hello All,

We are currently in the process of migrating user mailboxes to multiple stores to aid in doing restores and such.  Our current setup is that we have 3 mail stores, one well over 100GB edb+stm, which makes it very difficult to do restores.  We have setup 5 new stores that will help balance out our mailboxes and make the restores much easier.  My question is that we are not planning on using the 3 old stores once we are done but we don't know if we will need them for restores from the past.  Can we delete these stores and just restore to the Recovery Storage Group or do the old stores need to be present?  We are VERY vigilant with our backups as our industry is prone to legal issues and such that require us to restore mailboxes to a specific date.  I have moved all of the mailboxes out of one of the stores, except the 2 system boxes, and need to know if I should just run an eseutil.exe /d to shrink it or just completely delete the mail store?  We use Veritas for backups if that info is needed.

Any assistance would help..
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HaddionConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Normally you wouldn't need to keep the old stores, as your restores will be to the Recovery Storage Group.  You'd then exmerge out the data that you want, and re-integrate it into the stores you're currently using.

While you're working on your backup/recovery plan, make sure that you test it, as well as think it through.  There's no point in having a plan without having checked that it works.
coenewnesAuthor Commented:
Ok, that sounds right but I wanted to make sure that I didn't need to have the older stores there to do the restore to the recovery storage group.  I have never done a restore of a mail store that was not present on the server before and will need to test that it works.
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