Mirroring specific VLAN traffic to one port on 4506

Current config on 4506:
-Int Gig2/24 connects to firewall
-Int Gig2/20 connects to server used for capturing traffic & analysis
-currently using commands:
monitor session 1 source interface gi2/24
monitor session 1 destination interface gi2/20

seems to work ok. But, I really only want to capture traffic on VLANs 11,12,13,14.
How do I do that?
TIA. -John

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mikebernhardtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
change the source line to
monitor session 1 source vlan 11 - 14

Note that there is a space around the hyphens. If you have non-contiguous vlans you can put a comma in, also with space around it.
Flying_ToasterAuthor Commented:
I was able to change the source line exactly as you mentioned above.
Just for my own clarification, this means any traffic on the 11-14 VLANS will be mirrored tot he destination port (in this case, int g2/20)?
Thanks. -John
Yes. That's what's supposed to happen, anyway :-)
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