Novell Gateway for Exchange, installation and System Requirements

Our division is running Exchange 2003, our corporate office is running Groupwise 7. I want to install Novell gateway on our Exchange server, but the system requirements indicate that the following be installed on the Exchange server:

Novell Client
Groupwise Client
Console One

Out Exchange server is also a Domain Controller and I hesitate loading any of the above into it. I understand that Windows and Novell have a pretty low sandbox factor (they don't play well together). However, we would like to pass mail to and from each system and share our address lists. From what I understand, the newer gateway works much better than the old solutions.

Are the above apps entirely necessary for getting the gateway to work properly? Also, what can I expect from this solution? Anyone have practical experience with this connector?

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Your understanding of the sandbox factor is one from the rich and wonderful past relationships between the companies, and may have been valid 5-10 years ago when, whenever Novell made things work, Microsoft had to break that functionality with their next update or hotfix, seemingly out of spite.

Novell and Microsoft have a well-publicized interoperability deal.  They're friends now, really - while the other is in their visual range anyway...

Seriously, Microsoft themselves, if you were to choose to use their own directory-sync tool MSDSS, tells you to install the Novell Client32 on a Windows 2003 R2 domain controller.  That tool wouldn't help you with synchronizing GroupWise and Exchange, though - it's just a user/group sync tool, but that should tell you it's safe for your DC.

There should be no fear installing the Novell client32 (properly configured for use with the gateway) on a Windows DC.  I have the Novell Client32 installed on a couple of Windows 2003 R2 DC's in my network, with no adverse effects.

However - you say your Exchange server is a DC?  Is it SBS?  If not, did you harden it?
Also, as to the gateway having to be installed on your Exchange server - that's not exactly true.

It has to be installed on *a* server with Exchange on it.  It doesn't have to be The Exchange Server - it just has to talk to the Exchange server using the API's that the Exchange server software provides.  Unless, of course, you are using SBS, in which case you've got no choice but to use The Exchange Server.
jefferybushAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply, Shine. No, it's not an SBS box. Unfortunately the previous admin was used to the SBS environment as that's what they were running before and that's why Exchange is on a DC. I just wanted to make sure that it's not going to cause a problem for us having the client installed.

I will be performing the Exchange server-side software updates and installations early this week and will be going to the corporate office to work with the Novell admins to take care of that side. I will let you know how it goes.

As an added note, I appreciate the fact that I got a response from a Novell expert that did not include comments totally bashing MS. =)
jefferybushAuthor Commented:
Also, is the GW client necessary on this MS server? Microsoft does not want the Ooutlook client loaded on the same server as exchange.
"Unfortunately the previous admin was used to the SBS environment as that's what they were running before and that's why Exchange is on a DC."


That's a lousy excuse to do what you're never supposed to do, with one exception...  That former admin should be punished.  I'm glad I'm not in your shoes.

Anyway, like I said, it doesn't have to be ON the Exchange server, just on a server that has Exchange installed on it.  In order to communicate with GroupWise, it does need the API's that only the GroupWise client will provide, so yes, the GroupWise client has to be installed...

This is for the GroupWise Gateway for Exchange, remember.  It's entirely different from having Outlook on an Exchange server...

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