Coexist Database applications?

Hello Experts,

I have an existing Windows 2000 Server running an old application.  I wish we could retire this application, however for various reasons (legal, reporting, etc), we cannot.  

The old application uses Pervasive SQL200i and Btrieve.

Id like to install a new application (Joomla, for those who are familiar).  The requirements are as follows:

"  PHP 4.2.x or above
"  MySQL 3.23.x or above  
"  Apache 1.3.x or above

My question is can MySQL and Pervasive SQL2000i coexist independently of one another?  

What are the chances of me disrupting the old application that runs on Pervasive?  We have limited (none, really) support for this old application.


Thanks for the help
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unless they happen to run on the same port 3306, then it will not be a problem.

and even if they do, change the mysql port to be a different port.

put that's the same thing as running IIS and apache, as long as they don't share the same Dir, Socket (IP+PORT) then they work fine.

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mirtheilSoftware DeveloperCommented:
I've got PSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, and a few others all installed on the same Windows box.  I've even had PSQL and MySQL installed on the same Linux box.  It's not a problem.  PSQL uses ports 1583 and 3351.  The biggest problem you'll run into is resources.  Make sure your server has enough RAM, HD space and processing power.  
dtoccoAuthor Commented:
Thank You.  My question was answered perfectly.  
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