Unable to Mount NFS share on Unix systems from Windows XP or Windows 2003 Server systems

NOTE:  IP Addresses of servers have been removed denoted by <IP Address Removed>
I have Windows Services for Unix installed on a Windows XP and Windows 2003 server system.
Client for NFS is installed on both of these clients along with Server for PCNFS and User Name Mapping.
Attempting to access NFS shares that have been exported on an AIX and HP-UX systems.
I have attempted to mount the shares from the command line as follows:
C:\>mount t: -o pcnfs=localhost \\<IP Address Removed>\home\nfsuser -u:nfsuser -p:nfs123
Network Error - 121
Type 'NET HELPMSG 121' for more information.

I have also setup User Mapping so the account I'm logged into the system with is mapped to the nfsuser account that is on the Unix host.  However, I am unable to authenticate using this method either.

I am able to see the NFS shares from Windows Explorer - When I click on the share I get the following error in a dialog box:

"<IP Address Removed>\baan\nfs is not accessible.  You might not have permission to use this network resource.  Contact the administrator fo this server to find out if you have access permissions.   The network path was not found".    

NOTE:  The NFS shares are "wide open" - meaning the permissions are ok and have been tested from another Unix machine.  I.E. - The NFS Share CAN BE mounted from another Unix server.

From the Windows machines if I run showmount I do see the shares as being accessible.
C:\>showmount -e <IP Address Removed>
Exports list on <IP Address Removed>:
/home/nfsuser                      All Machines
/baan/nfs                          All Machines

C:\>showmount -e <IP Address Removed>
Exports list on <IP Address Removed>
/sapmnt/DBW/profile                All Machines

I have been reading through all the doco from Microsoft that I can find regarding the setup of Windows Services for Unix.  Links to sites that contain information regarding SFU probably won't help me at this point.  I'm looking for someone who has experience configuring and using SFU.

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This won't help...

I was going through this same problem last year. SFU seems to be a pain to get working correctly. I was also in environment with HP-UX and server2003 having the same issue.

I will be listening on this.

I will read through the post again but i was able to get our Unix/HP9000 system to work with our windows 2003 file server using nfs.  it has been awhile and required domain admin account and software on all the dc's.
have you dumped the usernames and passwords from your unix box to a file to import into windows?  this will be critical for authentication
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i will check my system in the morning and should be more helpful.  sorry i couldn't solve it tonight.  hopefully in the mean time someone gives you the solution.  it took me FOREVER to get this resolved as it seemed no one on here had ever done something like this.
mjpriessAuthor Commented:
We didn't want to go the NIS route (where software is installed on a domain controller) because that modifies the AD schema and we only need this process from one client to one Unix server.
We wanted to stick with local user mapping from the originating host using PCNFS\Client for NFS.
I'm willing to try the Gateway for NFS option but we do not need to "reshare" out to any other clients so that would be a little overkill.

I did retrieve the groups and passwd files from the unix hosts and used them on the Windows machines to generate the user mappings.

UPDATE:  I was able to get it to work accessing an NFS share on HP-UX but NOT AIX 5.3
mjpriessAuthor Commented:
never resolved - we ended up using SAMBA instead

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