memory usage - any better tools than task manager for memory usage analysis

In a 2000 Terminal Server I have a situation where more memory is being used than task manager shows being utilized by various processes - in other words I add up all the memory of task manager processes and it doesn't add up to the amount that is being used. I'm out about a gig. One of the symptoms seems to be that after a certain number of users - regardless of who those users are - when the next user gets on a big whack of memory disappears and yet the user's processes don't explain it. It doesn't make a difference who the user is or what they are doing - it's as if there is a boundary and then when that boundary is hit a big clump of memory gets 'reserved' for the next clump. Are there any tools outside of task manager that show exactly what processes are taking up RAM - in other words account for every 'bit' of RAM - what's where - almost a memory map.
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One of the best tools for this would be sysinternals proccess monitor

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It will allow you to look for specific dlls, memory usage

sorry that link should have been to process explorer

but process monitor may help you to if your looking for disk access bottlenecks

process explorer
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