Changing a color range in Photoshop CS3

Right now I have an image in which I have selected all the black. I've got the marching ants selecting all and only the black. I would like to change the black to brown (HEX#B16A23, R 177 G106 B35). How do I do that? I thought it would be as simple as clicking  on the foreground color box, but of course that didn't work.

So what do I do next?

Ultimately I would like to replace the black with a vertical gradient of 2 browns. So if it's possible, how would I do that? But first of course, the change to a solid color.


John CarneyReliability Business Tools Analyst IIAsked:
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you need to fill the selection with the selected color. You can do this in a bunch of different ways. For solid color, choose the foreground color in the toolbox and press ALT(or OPTION in mac)+Backspace. It will fill the selection. Also can choose to fill from menu Edit>Fill. To fill using gradient you can use the gradient tool.

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also you can use a color modifier tool like Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation>Colorize. Since it is black , you need to put some light to turn it to gray, then change saturation and hue
John CarneyReliability Business Tools Analyst IIAuthor Commented:
Thanks, julianopolito. I'm sure I'm going to have more questions soon.
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