Addresses Tab missing from ADUC while Exchange Advanced, Exchange General and Exchange Features are visible.

I share administration duties for a moderately sized exchange environment (1500 accounts) and have found that some tools used by other administrators do not correctly add the user mailbox properties in AD. Specifically, security personnel create accounts that do not have all the adequate properties.

When viewing one of these accounts with Active Directory Users and Computers, the Exchange General tab is present with alias and mailbox information, the Exchange Features tab is present with Mobile Services and Protocols, and the Exchange Advanced Tab is visible. The Exchange Addresses tab is missing.

I have some accounts that have had name changes, and we are unable to rename the SMTP and X.400 addresses properly because of this. In newly created accounts, I simply remove all exchange attributes and re-build the mailbox. This restores the missing properties. In one specific case, however, this is not an option as there is a great deal of mail and appointments in the mailbox that would be deleted. No one can login to this mailbox or even see it in the directory while this problem persists.

Any suggestions?
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isaman07Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Using exmerge extract the mailbox to a outlook pst file. Delete the mailbox and recreate it, once created and everything looks fine, import the pst file to the mailbox using exmerge.
In order to use exmerge you need to have the full exchange administrator rights.
WMorgenAuthor Commented:
I was hoping for a better way to examine what exactly is damaged in the user's schema. There are times that granting access to the mailbox is problematic due to sensitivity issues. The Exmerge works fine as a brute force type of solution, but this happens far too frequently to resort to that all the time.
WMorgenAuthor Commented:
While not the ideal solution, it certainly does the job. The regularity of the failure (produced by a single team using Hyena rather than ADUC) perplexes me that no one else seems to have encountered it. There should be a better way to restore the missing parts of the schema.
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