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Downdrage from Vista to XP on Satallite P200?

I bought a new Toshiba Satellite with Xp Home premium and its giving me fits on my SBS2003 server.

I want to downgrade this to xp pro, I bought a new XP pro, but the laptop does recognize the drives in the  bios.  

My question is, can this be done? Do I have to do it once Vista is running, like from my desktop?

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2 Solutions
I guess the drive is SATA, so you will need the sata controller driver to support it. During installation, press F6 to install driver so installation can pick up the drive and continue.
You cant join a domain with XP Home, only pro supports domains.

Is BIOS ot recognizing the drives or windows setup?

If it is windows setyup, its robably not showing because they require SATA controller drivers as most newer machines do.

Try changing your SATA controller to Legacy/Parallel mode through BIOS, or

download the drivers for your SATA controller and copy to an floppy.  You will need an external floppy drive if your notebook does not have one.  During XP install startup just after CD boot, you have the option to press F8 to install additional drivers prior to OS installation.
JeramieDAuthor Commented:
After doing further research, its turns out that the P200, only supports Vista and XP Pro drivers are not even made for it (generic driver can be found).

I am wondering if it will just be easier to use the Vista Home Premium with SBS2003 compatibility updates.

I havent actually tried this laptop on the server so dont know if there will be conflicts.  Do you know if Home Vista is compatible as a client PC with SBS2003?
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JeramieDAuthor Commented:
First line of opening post states: "I bought a new Toshiba Satellite with Xp Home premium and its giving me fits on my SBS2003 server."

It should read .....
I bought a new Toshiba Satellite with VISTA Home premium and its giving me fits on my SBS2003 server.

JeramieDAuthor Commented:
I havent hooked it to my network, because I read a lot of people are having fits on thiers and I dont want to do anything that will make my perfectly running network...stall or conflict.
JeramieDAuthor Commented:
I will add another question, this one has been answered and is leading to other questions.
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