Displaying rich text in asp.net

I am lookign for some sort of way to display html formatted text in asp.net.  All I want is to have a simple multi-line text box on the web page which has formatted text.  For example, I might have a word in there that I want to highlight in red.  I have foudn numerous rioch text exit controls, btu they al have toolbars to format the text.  In my case the text will already be formatted and I do nto want any other inteaction from the user.  I aslo do not want any buttons, just a simple frame is all I need.  

SO I was wondering if anyone knew of a web control that accepts html formatted text and then displays the formatted text in a frame.
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I know FreeTextBox has properties to disable some toolbars... maybe all, I'm not sure.  Take a look at it.


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akobes05Author Commented:
I tried this control, but when I set the text property to the html formatted text it does nto display the text formatted.  It displays it as raw html.
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