Cracked glass effect in photoshop


Does anyone know how to create a cracked glass effect in photoshop? Can't seem to find any working links on this, someone has probably written a how to out there at one point,

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gwkgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is this what you are looking for? (may take some time to load)

If not, Xenofex 2 has something similar and a 30 day fully functional trial

David BruggeCommented:
I'm sure that you have used the search engines to look for the effect that you want without finding anything. My guess is that the other "experts" have done so also, and finding nothing, have not responded to your question.

Not knowing specifically what look you are after, let me give you some general guidelines for creating the look of cracked glass.

The VERY BEST place to start is by looking as some actual cracked glass. Are you looking for glass such would be in a picture frame that has a simple crack in it?  Are you looking for shattered glass like it has been hit by a rock or baseball?  Are you looking for an overall texture such as you find when a car window is shattered?

Give me an idea where to start and I will help you come up with a solution.

David B.
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