Printer able to print small formats (vouchers)


We were using a Brother HL-7050N to print (along with normal sheets) vouchers for our shops in Length = 15cm (5.91 inches) and Height = 7cm (2.76 inches).
This printer was great because in the manual input tray you had a plastic piece to adjust to match the format of the paper you were printing to...

This printer unfortunately died this week and it costs more to repair it than buy a new one (roughly 800 ¬).
While this printer was nice to print A4 sheets, we got a multifunction copier in the meantime where everybody in this office prints, so the need to buy such an expensive printer has greatly decreased and we do not want to buy the same printer as it is too expensive just to print those vouchers.
Actually, we just need it to print those vouchers and some checks in A4 format on that printer.

So my question is : does anyone know a small and not too expensive laser printer with a manual feed tray allowing such small sheets.
The "input paper adjustement plastic piece" (not sure if you see what I mean) of the other printers we have at this office does not narrow enough to match the length of the voucher.

Thanks a lot in advance.
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If available in your area, the Fuji Xerox 203A or 204A take as small as 7 x  11.5 cm. They sell (in Australia) for A$100 - A$200. The Brother HL-2030 and HL-2040 use the same print engine and are definitely availalable in Europe.

These printers run at 20ppm and they're quite reliable. The 204A is networked, the Brothers have optiona networking
Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
would it be better to print multiple vouchers to a piece of Letter/A4 paper, and to then guillotine the paper down to size?  Then your high volume multifunction device could do loads at once.
VorenusAuthor Commented:
DanCh99, yes, we already thought about this solution but it would be too easy for customers to copy the vouchers and get the service for free : a simple copier would do.
Our vouchers are pre-printed with a serial number embossed inside the paper and in colours.
The printer is just used to fill some areas in the vouchers like the shop location and the expiry date, etc...

Thanks hdhondt, the printer you have listed seem great but they don't have these "plastic adjustements rulers" that I was talking about, except in the front manual tray (unless they can be put inside the internal paper tray as well ?) : how can I be sure that my vouchers will fit and stay properly "aligned" for the printer to get them.
The vouchers are also in set of 100 (each customer can not purchase less than 100 vouchers so we have to print them in batch of 100s which requires the tray to accept a relatively large capacity of them to not be too inconvenient to use) : altough we could split the set in two to print 50 of them at once, I don't see them fitting into the manual tray that I see on the pictures of those printers.
Can you please enlighten me on this ?

When you said "manual input tray", I assumed you meant a real manual feed, which is always a single-sheet feed.

The Fuji Xerox 340A or the equivalent printer from Oki, the 6300, will handle 76 x 127 mm from tray 1 (up to 150 sheets), but that is slightly larger than your 70 mm.

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