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Hello All

I have a interesting problem.  I have a server that locks on boot loading FATFS.NLM.  I look into the logger and see that running process is suspended.  I hard boot the server and the server runs a chkdsk when it reaches this point and boots okay.  I boot into dos and run a chkdsk and I loose the entire dos partition.  The files convert to filexxxxx.chk.  I recover by restoring the partition.  Any thoughts?  

Also when I either type down or restart server the server just hangs.

Thank you in advance for any advice.

Christobal PadillaTech Support SupervisorAsked:
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BudDurlandDirector of ITCommented:
What type of a disk is it? (SCSI, SATA, IDE, etc)?  Is it on a separate controller?  Are the drivers up to day?  Are any memory managers loading in the config.sys file?  consfig.sys & autoexec.bat should be as naked as possible.

Christobal PadillaTech Support SupervisorAuthor Commented:
Dell Poweredge 2900 SAS Perc 6/i RAID 5 latest rev of the drivers and naked boot up in DOS.  
Last time I has a DOS partition get sick like that I found that the server didn't lock the moment the abend message appeared, you could still drop to debug mode (both ctrls, both shifts, escape, then q-enter) and drop back to dos. Then running server.exe manually would bring it up. Strange but true. I suspect (not proven) it was down to resizing it as part of a box-to-box migration using Portlock during which I resized the DOS partition.

I ended up booting with a DR-DOS floppy (with cd driver), formatting the partition, then xcopying the contents of another server's DOS partition from the cd, tweaking the startup.ncf for the local hardware, and off we go. It will grumble about NSS pool ID's, but then come up fine.
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BudDurlandDirector of ITCommented:
I seem to recall a similar problem once upon a time that was cured by renaming the NetWare registry file on the DOS partition (C:\NWSERVER\SERVCFG.000)
Before you start alextoft's process, be sure to try BudDurland's first.  If it's not the NetWare registry, then go about the business of laying down a clean, solid DOS partition.  Be sure to record the contents of your STARTUP.NCF file first, so you can tweak the new one with the correct hardware settings for your drivers.

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Christobal PadillaTech Support SupervisorAuthor Commented:
That worked!  I am able to have a clean boot.  Now for the curve, when I down the server whatever flavor it is, down, reset, restart, the server hangs on a black screen after the volumes have unloaded.  Thoughts?

Thank you

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