D-Link WBR2310 Access Point settings /exsisting Router Speedstream 6520 (BELL Internet)

Presently installed and working Speestream 6520 Router with wireless enabled. Static IP's setup. Want to install another PC in another room using the D-LinkWBR2310 as an ACCESS Point. Cannot get the D-Link to see the Speedstream. I tried to use the FILTERS in the wireless settings on the Speedstream and ALLOW only the MAC address from the D-Link , did not work for me. Can the STATIC IP's be in the same Range ? The IP of the SPEEDSTREAM is  The IP of the D-link is The PC in the new room is connected to the LAN of the Dlink.
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Brian PringleSystems Analyst II, SCM, ERPCommented:
Are you trying to connect them using a cable or are you trying to configure a wireless bridge?
HudsonSpeederAuthor Commented:
I guess that's what you call a BRIDGE. The DSL modem Router works with , lets call it PC-1 , connected to the LAN port with a Static address. I would like to have a network connection on lets call it PC-2 on another room (80 feet away) . I had connected the LAN connection of PC-2 to the LAN port of the D-link (option ACCESS point selected) hope to connect wireless to the Speedstream Router/Modem.
HudsonSpeederAuthor Commented:
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Brian PringleSystems Analyst II, SCM, ERPCommented:
Hmmm... Sorry about that!  I didn't receive an email message that you wrote a previous response.  Even went through deleted items.  Sorry again!

Anyhow, on both routers (yes, the DSL modem is usually a router) there is an internal IP address and an external IP address.

DSL Modem External IP Address (Public address assigned by ISP)
   DSL Modem
DSL Modem Internal IP Address (Configured by ISP.  Usually cannot be changed)
D-Link External IP Address (usually assigned by DSL modem)
   D-Link WAP
D-Link Internal IP Address (usually assigned by default from manufacturer)
Workstation IP Address

Disconnect the access point and then connect the workstation directly to the DSL modem.  Go to a command line and issue the command "ipconfig /all" (without the quotes).  What is the workstation's IP address and what is the default gateway?

Whatever network is being used in this configuration cannot be used by the D-Link Access Point.  If they are both using the same network portion of the IP address, then the D-Link will not know where to send the packets and they will be dropped.

What I mean is that if you connect the workstation directly to the DSL modem and it gets an IP address of 192.168.1.x, then your D-Link router needs to be configured to use a different network subnet, like 192.168.10.x.

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