Deploying Edge Transport in existing Exchange 2007 enviroment

I have an existing server running Exchange 2007 with hub, cas, transport, and mailbox roles all on this server.  I have allowed SMTP to flow directly from the internet to this system and things are working great.
I would now like to deploy an edge transport server in our DMZ.  Does anyone have any suggestions, hints, or gotchas for adding the edge server after-the-fact?
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Matthew MillersConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Accepted domain are part of the sync process. You should be able to leave the receive connector as is.

Is trend certified for 2007? If it is, then i guess there is no reason not to keep using it. But if I was to tow the line, forefront is the way to go.

Matthew MillersCommented:
Install the edge
Subscribe the edge

That should be about it.
It straight forward,

Install Edge -- make sure the computer had a dns suffix (install gives error if you dont)
make sure edge can resolve name of hub server either host file or point to internal dns
subscribe the edge.....

Note I just wrote a blog on antispam on the hub however its similar for edge that may help you in configuration
Matthew MillersCommented:
The edge also does safelist aggregation which I think is pretty cool
ncluettAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the input.  Additionally, what about the accepted domains?  Does the Edge server learn this as part of the subscription process or do I manually need to remove them from the current server and add them on the Edge?  What about the receive connector?  Should I remove our external email receive connector from the first server before I subscribe the edge or just leave it and remove the "anonymous users" permission?
Also, I'm currently using Trend ScanMail on the cas, hub, mailbox server.... should I uninstall this and install only on the edge or do I want it on both servers?  Is Forefront the way to go instead?
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