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I have a Mac Book Pro running OS/X and VISTA.  I need to clone the entire drive to a new MacBook Pro which currently has only OS/X on it.  Can this be done and if so how?  No wonder I myself stick with PC's...everything is so overly complicated on the Mac!
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If you set up a new mac, you have the option to transfer all files across from an old mac. All you need to do is to put the old mac into firewire target disk mode by holding down T when booting, and then connect it with a firewire cable.

If you have already set up the new mac, you can trigger the same process by running Migration Assistant on the new mac, which will initiate the same process. Migration Assistant is located in Applications->Utilities.

Details available at

If you really do want to clone the mac, investigate Carbon Copy Cloner at or Super Duper at

However, I suspect you just want to migrate it.


The difficulty is you are trying to clone two different partitions which are formatted differently and have different operating systems. Cloning Mac OS X partition is easy using CarbonCopyCloner or SuperDuper. It is more complicated if you are trying to clone multiple partitions.

Here is a discussions of the issues:
sbcwAuthor Commented:
Im guess Im going to create an image of the Vista partition using CaronCopyCloner, restore that to the new Mac, and then just manually transfer over the user data on the OS/C partition.  The Migration Assistant wont work  because when I hold T key down while rebooting, it never recognizes the firewire cable.
sbcwAuthor Commented:
Had an idea of a possibly EASY way. In the PC world we have a program called Acronis True Image.  Since the old Mac has Windows Vista, cant I boot of an Acronis True Image Boot CD, image the entire drive into one image that contains both partitions, and then install Vista onto the new machine, boot from the Acronis CD, and restore?  Seems to easy to be do-able...anyone know?
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
sbcw. You can't restore from Acronis and write to the same drive you are using to run the restore program!

The Backup Procedure is Fairly Straightforward

I assume you want to erase the OSX on the other MacBook Pro?

Use SuperDuper to create a clone image of the OSX Partition ..

Use WinClone to create an image of the BootCamp Partition ..
There's information on the WinClone website on how to restore this image onto new machines

Put the images on an external drive along with the SuperDuper and WinClone Applications

Now you can put them on the other MacBook Pro.

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