Very large font display when creating messages

I have an end user who is trying to create an e-mail message using MS Word as the e-mail editor. He states that the font in the message window appears really large even though the font stylebox says Arial 10. The large font display only occurs when he is creating the message - when the recipient receives the message, the font is normal in size.

I have tried going into Word and editing as well as deleting/recreating, but the problem remains. Also, his Stationary and Fonts setting is <none>. I have included a screenshot of the issue (note the size of the cursor as opposed to the text).

Any ideas?
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mcse2007Connect With a Mentor Commented:
What happen if you highlight any of the letter and check the font size, what font size show up? Also, it could be default font size is set to > 10. Further, it could also be his screen ratio  (ie 200%). Try, creating a new message, type something in the text message box then press your CNTRL + ' Mouse roller button" then roll the mouse roller button  to reduce the screen size to look more like 10 fonts size in appearance.
ShdwWlf1065Author Commented:
View | Toolbars | Standard and change the 500% to 100% did it.
 I *knew* it was something simple - I just couldn't wrap my brain around it (it *was* the end of the day after all ). Thanks for the response :)
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