Dual vertical and horizontal summarized fields

I haven't been able to find a resolution for this crystal reports issue I am having with a recent project.

I have a report that will have multiple crosstab reports of varying rows and columns, but one thing is static in all of the crosstabs, each row and column each needs a total and a %.  

The report needs to be in this basic format.

Black      0        5       6      8       7    4           30           54%
Red        1        4       4      6       5    3           23            46%
TOTAL   1        9      10    14     12   7           53           100%
Size%    7%  14% 19% 26% 22% 12%     100%

Now with the crosstab expert, I am able to select either horizontal or vertical summarized field and get the %'s to show up like I would like with some tweaking.  I can't seem to get both to show up no matter what I've tried.

Data is in the format: (and I have control over it, using a sql stored procedure at the moment)
Color  Size  Qty Sold   Qty On Hand, etc, etc
Black  XSM       0
Black  MED       6
Red    LG          6
Red    2XL        3

etc, etc

I've looked through a lot of material and am amazed that I haven't found another situation where another user documented this.  Thanks for any help in advance.
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wykabryanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In the convensional sense of the crosstab, this functionality does not exist.  You can only choose row or column.  The only way around it is to create your own crosstab type report.  You can recreate everythign that is withing a crosstab with formulas and running totals.  This will give you the most flexiblity and scalablity.
Have you checked the cross tab sample that comes with Crystal.  It is displaying a % like you want.

sr22gerAuthor Commented:
The sample only shows the horizontal summarized fields, not both.

I will have to figure something out manually.  I was just hoping to save some time.  Thanks gents.
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