Curios what peoples thoughts are on windows routing and remote access as a solution for VPN

I am curios what other Experts think about using windows routing and remote access as a viable solution for VPN for small office networks with 20 or less concurrent users?

positive and negative experience?

anything to consider?
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jasonuocsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think its great a a VPN Solution. It also resolves alot of the WINS Name addressing that you sometimes have with hardware VPN Solutions.
If I was doing office to office then I would probably opt for a more permanent Hardware VPN Solution like the Vigor Draytek 2600/2800 Router which are easy to configure & reliable. with WINS & DNS Setup on the server you can have a working system. The next best thing is a Terminal Server so users can run applications etc as though they were in the office with out some of the speed restrictions VPN has.
Firmin FrederickConnect With a Mentor Senior IT ConsultantCommented:
I agree with Jason for simple fact was using ISA 2006, IAS and RRAS and it was a nightmare not to mention having to open ports on router etc. Vigor Draytek 2600/2800 Router was a quick solution and still works.  RRAS on its own has too many routing issues and often VPN clients needed to keep pinging the VPN server to "keep it alive".

VPN over RRAS requires (i think it was) specific config. for L2TP or PPP/IPSEC but I couldn't get both to the end Draytek won.
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