Far too many connections to exchange per user. Slows down exchange.

This is a very fresh install of Exchange 2003 on a SBS. Two or three users were constantly getting the popup in outlook saying that it's trying to connect to the exchange server and send/receive would take forever and possibly not ever complete. I ran the exchange troubleshooting tool and it said that there are lots of RPC connections relative to the amount of users I have.

I checked out the logons in System Manager and you can see the user mprussian is "logged on" many times. Some users are logged on more, and some are less. But why in the world are there so many connections here?
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How many users are we talking about?
What type of server are you running? (specification)
Generally, I find SBS Exchange runs pretty sweet with even 50-70 users with most of these users continually logged in.

That list is not really look like something to be worried about.

You say that sometimes users cannot connect to Exchange? Have you checked the load on your server and how much memory is in use at the moment? Check the utilization? In Task Manager - Performance.
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What are your Total/Limit and Peak usage? and under Physical Memory, what is the Total?
absremoteAuthor Commented:
Please keep in mind that the screenshot is a small section of what's going on. It's to show that there are 10 logons for just one user. There are 49 users in this environment.

The server is a decked out Dell PowerEdge 26 something something. Dual quad core Xeons and 4gb of ram on SCSI disks. The system doesn't do much other than provide email and a few files.
Are you receiving any exchange errors in your application log (event viewer)
Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

If your organization has a need to mass-create AD user accounts, watch this video to see how its done without the need for scripting or other unnecessary complexities.

Are your users running Cached mode?
You can check this in Account settings for the user within Outlook.
absremoteAuthor Commented:
Most users are in Cached mode. The persons desktop I have control of is NOT in cached mode. I turned it off for him because it was updating his folders so slowly that most of them were empty.
absremoteAuthor Commented:
Problem was a bad switch :)

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What kind of bad switch?
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