The Remote Server Did Not Respond to the Connection Attempt - Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 Exchange

I have a Small Business Server 2003, which I installed, mostly with the recommendations and defaults. The server was working great for about two months, when all of the sudden two days ago, the emails stopped getting sent. No settings have changed. Here is what I've done and noticed:
We made sure the DNS is correct.
NSLOOKUP looks good.
The log file for Exchange has doubled in size in the last two days, however, I haven't tried to search or interpret it.
In the Exchange System Manager, Under Servers > Server1 > Queues, I can see a list of about 35 mail servers that are showing: "The remote server did not respond to a connection attempt." I have tried to force a connection, it's not happening.
I tried to telnet into the remote server's port 25, and they fail to connect.

This server is behind a SonicWALL firewall, that is open to allow SMTP port 25. Remember, this worked until two days ago, then it mysteriously stopped working.

Please urgently reply to this question.

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* are you on a blacklist?
* did you restart the exchange services (start - run - services.msc , restart all MS Exchange *** services
* how do you send mail, DNS? or with the option send through smtp.provider.***  ?

lbdataAuthor Commented:
are you on a blacklist? I checked the black lists, and our IP address is not on them.
did you restart the exchange services (start - run - services.msc , restart all MS Exchange *** services - I have restarted all services at least once.
* how do you send mail, DNS? or with the option send through smtp.provider.***  ? DNS, but where do I go to check and change it to smtp provider?
le me check


in ESM (start - programs - MS exchange
goto connectors, and right click your SMTP connector
on the general tab there are 2 options
1) use DNS to route ....
2) forward all mail through this connector to the following ....
check 2
and fill in your SMTP server from your provider and see if mail is going out


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lbdataAuthor Commented:
Wow!! I went into my connectors, and there was no SMTP connector. So, I created one, tried to use DNS, and it didn't work. So I googled the smtp server for our ISP, used that, and the queued messages are going out! Thank you for pointing me in the right direction anf for the super fast response. Because of your help, I may be come a member.

Im glad you're up and go, strange the SMTP connector dissapeared.
lbdataAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much for the super fast response!!
lbdataAuthor Commented:
It is very strange. Thank you.
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