How can the NtBackup schedules start automatic?

I have 3 servers in which i have installed windows 2003 server on a Dell 2900.  Lets say ServerA, ServerB and ServerC.  I schedule a Normal Backup of ServerA to be saved in a folder in ServerB likewise backing up ServerC to ServerB in a folder and then I backup all the contents of ServerB in a Dell Tape Drive.

The schedules worked for sometime and suddenly it stopped.

Can anyone please help?

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I would rebuild the scheduled tasks, since some MS patch may have messed with the security.

Are you using  a batch file in a scheduled  task ?

Rebuild the schedule using the correct user name and passowrd.

test the batch file manually.

I hope this helps !
AtourayAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply. No its not a batch file.  

Will do that as soon as I get to the place.
1.Scheduled Backup Does Not Run – Event ID 10002

Symptoms: When you schedule an Ntbackup.exe task to run under a backup operator's credentials, the job may not complete if someone other than the backup operator is logged on to the console, and the System Event log may contain the following error entry: Event ID: 10002 - Description: Access denied attempting to launch a DCOM Server.

Resolutions: 1. Schedule the backup job to run under an administrators credentials.
2. Use the Dcomcnfg.exe program to grant backup operators launch permissions for Removable Storage Manager: do to this, run Dcomcnfg.exe> Component Services> Computers> My Computer> DCOM config>Removable Storage Manager> Properties>Security>Edit>Launch Permissions, and then add the backup operators group.

Scheduled Backup Does Not Run - Folder not found

Symptoms: When running the scheduled backup job, it starts but backup quits immediately. The backup report states as the following: Skipped files in "NT\Ntbackup\data\backup_selection_file_name.bks" folder. Folder not found. The status of the scheduled backup job shows Last Result: 0x2D.

Resolutions: 1. make sure logon user has the permission to access the folder and file.
2. Make the folder and file can be accessed.
3. Make sure non one edit the file or the file was saved as ANSI instead of Unicode.

Scheduled Backup Does Not Run – Event ID 8017

Symptoms: When running a scheduled backup job, NTbackup may stop responding or may crash, and the following event is logged:
Event ID: 8017 - Ntbackup error: The saved selection file "(path\FileName.bks)" cannot be found.

Causes: 1. This problem may occur if one or more folders that have been scheduled for backup are deleted or moved.
2. AYou upgraded w2k to XP or installed a service patch.

Resolution: install latest SP or cOntact MS for the hotfix.

Scheduled task never runs

Symptoms: the scheduled task you created never runs. The scheduled task log lists an error: "The attempt to log on to the account associated with the task failed, therefore, the task did not run. The specific error is:0x8007052e: Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password. Verify that the task's Run-as name and password are valid and try again."

1. Cause: The password for the user you specified when creating the scheduled task might have changed.
2. Cause: The password for the user you specified when creating the scheduled task might be blank.
3. Task Scheduler cannot find the executable for the program that is supposed to run at the scheduled time because the path to it is set incorrectly.
4. The task was scheduled to run under another user account than the user currently logged on.
5. The Task Scheduler service might be stopped.
more info:

2.Backup (NTBackup.exe) Stops During the Backup Process and Event 8017 Is Logged;en-us;828402

Articles from the Microsoft Knowledge Base relating to NTBackup

Scheduled Backup Jobs May Not Run As Expected

XP Backup Using NTBackup Backup or Restore Wizard


4.Follow this tutorial and adjust the schedule accordingly :)

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