8 concurrent connections error 17052 from SQL Server 2000?

A customer's system was (supposedly) upgraded from MSDE to SQL Server 2000 several months ago.  They are just now getting it ready for deployment, and during testing they are getting the same error that we're accustomed to seeing from MSDE about the system being configured for 8 concurrent connections.  Naturally, the guy who did the upgrade no longer works here.  Nobody in our shop can figure out why we'd be getting this message in the event log.  Unless the upgrade just wasn't done right.  I'm looking for ideas about what may have happened and what to do about it.
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open query analyzer,
run the following command


check the results and search for a row with name field 'user connections', see what is the runvalue. if it is 8 you can change it to increase number of user connections by using the following command

sp_configure 'user connections', 10 -- this command increases user connections to 10

if you cannot find a row with name field 'user connections' run the following

sp_configure  'show advanced options', 1

for more info  you can search in books online for sp_configure.
Note that setting user connections value to a high value may degrade the server performance.
this is a note from BOL
If you must use this option, do not set the value too high, because each connection takes approximately 28 kilobytes (KB) of overhead regardless of whether the connection is being used. If you exceed the maximum number of user connections, you receive an error message and are not able to connect until another connection becomes available.

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LanMan03Author Commented:
The main limitiation to my understanding is my thorough ignorance of SQL and relasted subjects.
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