How to Programmatically Deploy a Report Model to a different server

I am attempting to deploy several report models (.SMDL) as well as data sources and reports to a Report Server as part of an installation process.   I am interested in performing the deployment through script(s).  What is a good way to achieve this task?
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brejkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes. If you look into the samples there is an example of CreateReport method usage. Instead of this method you have to use CreateModel method (the code will be very similar as the code for report publishing).
Use rs.exe command line utility. This utility can deploy Reporting Services items such as reports or data sources to a report server (it is used to execute *.rss scripts). Read more in Books Online: Also look for sample rss scripts:
mjvskAuthor Commented:
Can the rs.exe command line utility also be used to deploy the report model files (.SMDL) ?
Ive used CreateModel method to deploy the Report Model and ask me for the Data source view when Ive run the script.
Ive concatenated the Report Models and Data source view (I didnt remove any attribute) and Ive succeed to deployed but When Ive tried to create a report starting from that model Ive got another error message.
The type of the data source has not been specified.
An error has occurred during report processing
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