Automatically Pop-up File Browser

Is there any way to use JavaScript to automatically pop-up a the file browser for a "browse" button (part of an input type="file")?

I want to make it so this pops up when someone clicks a different option so they don't have to click browse.
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b0lsc0ttConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:

No.  The browser limits what script can do with the input file "element."  It can't set or change the value and can't press the Browse button.

If you have to do this then you would have to explore another object/applet to use instead of 'input type="file"'.  Most of these are browser specific though so that can make them not worth using.

Let me know if you have any questions or need more information.

b0lsc0ttIT ManagerCommented:
I'm glad I could help.  Thanks for the grade, the points and the fun question.

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