Dat72i keeps ejecting my tapes

Hi Guys, I have a Hewlett Packard Dat 72i tape drive. It was working fine untill recently when it just started ejecting tapes, at random points in the backup process.

I thought it may be the tapes because after cleaning the drive a few times I found the problem was still there. I spoke to HP and they advised me to upgrade the firmware on the drive. I did this using their software but the drives was still ejecting tapes.

I called them back and they swapped the drive for a new one. I installed this and the backup are are still not completing. The jobs either do not start because the tape has been ejected or it fails part way through because the tape ejects in the middle of a job.

I am confused as to what to do next, and we have not had a full backup now for two weeks.

Can someone help.
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dovidmichelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You said it was ejecting the tapes at random, if it was filling up then it would be expected to happen around the same point each time.

Check to see how much data was written to each of these tapes that was ejected.
Also if the tape was full there should be some kind of notification by Backup Exec that the tape is full and to load another.
what type of interface does the drive have? SCSI, IDE...
Are there any other devices on the same bus?
Check NT Event Viewer for messages at the time the tape is ejected.
Try using new tapes.
bfee01Author Commented:
Hi Thanks for your response, I am using a USB drive, the tapes are all new, no events in the viewer re the tapes ejecting just events relating to BE not able to complete the job due to no media in the drive.
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Handy HolderSaggar maker's bottom knockerCommented:
How big is the job? Maybe it's spitting the tape out because it needs another one to complete. Don't forget they are only 36GB native capacity.
Plug the drive directly into the computer and not a hub.
Try a different port.
Check for flashing lights on the drive at the time of the eject.
This link is to the Dell sight but for the same drive and shows what the lights mean.
bfee01Author Commented:
The job size could be a problem, I will reduce it down and check again
bfee01Author Commented:
It seems that the tape was "unrecognized" by Backup Exec, Changed the tape and it stayed in! What unrecognized means ime not sure seeing as how its backed up to it at least 4 times before hand.
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