Equivalent of sp_executesql in FireBird

Is there any statement in Firebird that can be used as an equivalent of sp_executesql (MSSqlServer) ? I need to select some fields based on a condition and that condition will be known only at run time. so i cannot hard code the "Where" clause. I can use the front end language to
execute the statement. But the statement might fetch a large number of Rows. I feel it will be better if it was done thru stored procedures.
But I dont know if Firebird supports executing a made up query.
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Nick UpsonPrincipal Operations EngineerCommented:
you have to write the SP correctly

something like:

for select ... where x = :param1 ... into

the suspend says "return the current result set"

you then call it in the same way as a table, only passing params "select a,b,.. from my_sp(param1, param2, ...)"
gskoczylasSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
You can use the 'EXECUTE STATEMENT <string>' to execute dynamically created statement (FB 1.5+).

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Nick UpsonPrincipal Operations EngineerCommented:
Here is a real SP, just call as "select * from PR_TEST_VIEW_RESULTS_PH1 "
returns (D1      Integer,
         OSIDENT Integer,
         D3      Integer,
         D4      Integer,
         D5      Integer,
         D6      Integer,
         D7      Integer,
         D8      Integer,
         D9      Integer,
         D10     Integer,
         D11     Integer,
         D12     Integer,
         D13     Integer,
         D14     Integer,
         D15     Integer,
         D16     Integer,
         D17     Integer,
         D18     Integer,
         D19     Integer,
         D20     Integer,
         D21     Integer,
         RSSI    Smallint)
  declare variable src CHAR(3);
  declare variable msg SMALLINT;
/* extract rssi data for path loss analysis
d1 = 0;
d3 = 0;
d4 = 0;
d5 = 0;
d6 = 0;
d7 = 0;
d8 = 0;
d9 = 0;
d10 = 0;
d11 = 0;
d12 = 0;
d13 = 0;
d14 = 0;
d15 = 0;
d16 = 0;
d17 = 0;
d18 = 0;
d19 = 0;
d20 = 0;
d21 = 0;
for select osident, rssi, src, msg from TBLSYSMSGLOG 
where rssi != 0 
order by ID
into :osident, :rssi, src, msg
    if (src = 'RXC' and msg = 6) then
        rssi = 0;
    if (rssi != 0) then

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