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I am having an issue with RWW.  Well to be 100% accurate since this Monday I have had multiple issues with Exchange, IIS and Remote access most of which I have fixed and now I only have an issue with RWW!

So what happened:

Received an email on Saturday from a user to say she was not able to access via RWW.  So logged on via RDP, a bit foggy on exactly what happened now but the upshot was that a disk check was scheduled and done as there were "corrupt files" - this appears to have removed the "corrupt files" and broken IIS.  

On Monday arrived in office to find when I opened IIS that there were no servers or default websites listed as their usually is.  So decided to reinstall IIS - OK I admit I didn't do this "right" as I just uninstalled it through Add/Remove programmes.  Then reinstalled.

Of course this then broke Exchange completely so no email - eeek.  Spent rest of day doing research and trying different things.  Only solution was to do reinstall of Exchange.  So did this - I admit again that after further research I didn't do this "right" also.  Tuesday after finding nothing working still realised that I had not really uninstalled/reinstalled IIS and Exchange correctly - found step by step instructions to do this and followed to the letter.  This fixed the Mail issue - Yaye.  

For some reason though after all this companyweb, OWA and RWW wouldn't work.  So did more research and found step by step "proper" instructions on removing and reinstalling Sharepoint Svcs 2.0 company web site.  Did this and now have OWA and companyweb but no RWW.  

So I have checked in IIS and under "default web sites" there is no Remote site listed.  And there doesn't seem to be any files in the correct place for this.  Have tried doing the uninstall of Sharepoint again no success,  have reinstalled Exchange and IIS again, still no luck.  Have run the CEICW over and over.  I have noticed under Firewall settings that "Remote Web Workplace" does not come up on the list so can't tick it.  The correct ports are open on my Router as it used to work before all this happened beautifully.  The server is fully patched etc.

So any ideas as to what to do now??

Thanks in advance, Kirsty.
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I'm guessing you are using SBS by some of the steps you have explained.  How many users do you have?? I ask because I think the only guarenteed way you will get this fixed is to wipe down and start again.  I would use a swing migration to ensure the active directory stayed in tact.  This way you would limit any downtime in consideration to what you have already had (I know what users are like when they can't get mail!)

I have had issues similar to this in the past, and from my own experience found that recovering from a corrupted IIS can be an arduous task

globugiAuthor Commented:
Thanks DL - sorry - yes SBS 2003.

Oh *%$# that doesn't sound good.  There are only 4 users which I guess is not too bad.

Maybe someone else may have another suggestion *hope*...

Will have a look at the link and get back to you - I may have a window to do this Wednesday next week.  Will update then.
globugiAuthor Commented:
Well I guess no other solutions are out there.

Have solved most of the problem myself now.  Using VPN to access RDP so my users can now access their computers remotely which was all I wanted working.  

Will ask for this question to be deleted.

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