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We are using SBS 2003 with exchange server. I was wondering if i could also enable pop3 that connects to the users exchange email box so users can use the cell phone to check email as well. Can anyone provide any details.

Thank you
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murgroupConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First you need to decide whether the phones will use SSL or non-SSL to sync. I recommend using SSL as it is most secure and if you are using Outlook Web Access port 443 is already open. If you use SSL I recommend purchasing a certificate from someone like as the phones will recognize it. They will also walk you through the install. If you just want to get the phones to sync using non-SSL run the internet configuration wizard and check the box to allow Outlook mobile access. On your firewall forward port 80 to the server (not a great idea but for testing its ok)
On the smart phone click start, programs and click active sync. In active sync click menu and configure server. In the host name put, uncheck use ssl and click next. Enter your username, password and internal (pre-windows 2000) domain name. This can be found in the user account settings on the account tab. Click next and choose the items you want to sync. Click finish.
Here are some links that will be helpfull:

You have some heavy hitters helping you on this with leew and isaman07 participating. Checkout the links they sent and make sure your ducks are in a row before you begin.
Yes you can use pop3. If the phones are Windows mobile you can use exchange active sync or IMAP to sync with the users contacts, calendar, tasks and email. Let me know if this is the case and I can send you links on how to configure the phones.
To enable pop3 go to the server management screen and internet and email. Use the internet connection wizard. When you get to the firewall config you will need to add a new port. Call the port pop3 and open tcp port 110. Complete the wizard. If you are using only one network card configuration you have to port forward port 110 on your firewall to the server IP address. If you are using a two NIC config and a firewall you will still need to forward port 110 to the server.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
If you're using Windows Mobile phones, that link above is fine... if you're trying to use things that don't support those methods, you can enable POP3 by setting the Microsoft Exchange POP3 Service to Automatic and then making sure that your firewall has port 110 open.

I would caution you about this though - I much prefer to use Windows based mobile phones as pop3 is an insecure protocol and if a user tries to setup a pop3 account to check his mail at his home, he could end up wiping out his inbox in the office if he doesn't know EXACTLY what he's doing.
jimseiwertAuthor Commented:
yes murgroup please send me those directions
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