How to clear the textfields on successful submit

I have a page where a user is suppose to enter data in three textfields. I have a submit button also. If there are any errors in the textfield then display the message right beside the textfield in which i have been successfull.

Once a user clicks on submit then my insert query executes and will presist the data in the database and will display a message "Successfully inserted".

My problem is even after the success message i am still getting the same values in the textbox. In my senariio i would like to clean up the textbox so the user can enter the data again.

Any help will be realy appreciated.
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Micheal_MaleConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Dont worry I got the solution. I creaed a new instance of my model in springframework and was able tyo get the desire result.

InsertHand insert = new InsertHand();

It worked. This is the second time i did'nt get a response for my question. I guess may be my questions are vague or may be my question is hard. Anyways thanks alot.

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