Does DBan damage disks?

ive Dban autonuked about 5 disks.
I suspected three to be bad - but all 5!

I went to load windows and nada on all 5.

Just suspicious mow about auto nuke.

Ive a 6th now autonuking and will try reload windows.  Its on a good disc - well at least the user didnt say there was an issue - wanted data destroyed.

Will report back.

Anyone else any comments

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Never seen a problem with it.  why do you think it might be causing problems?  What exactly is the error message you're getting from Windows?
wordedAuthor Commented:

Errors - some at the end of a Dban run, others discs dont format.
They vary, but I did nuke a few suspect disks but expected to get one good out of 5.  Perhaps lucky on the 6th one just formatting now.  
Duncan MeyersCommented:
Try creating a new partition with gparted ( - I've seen Windows kick up a fuss (fdisk refused to work) if the discs had Linux or Unix file systems on them.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
"... Does DBan damage disks? " ==>  Short Answer: No.

Longer Answer:  As leew also noted, I've never seen an issue with it.   It's simply doing a very detailed multi-pass write on the entire disk to ensure all previous data is destroyed.   If dBAN reports errors writing on the disk, then it's simply got some bad areas.  

However, it's interesting that discs won't format after a successful dBAN run => what are you using to create the partitions and do the formatting?
i would suggest this for the future : test the disks first with the manuf's util :      
Then you know their status, then run Dban.
You can of course test those disks now also.
And something that damages disks would not hold out long imho...

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