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how to configure squirrelmail to access virtual domains configured under POSTFIX?

I have installed Postfix mail server in CentOS 5.0 and configured virtual users/domains under postfix. with squirrelmail ( the webmail client) i am able to access the mail box for real users i have created under postfix/linux. Dovecot is my POP3/IMAP server. i have created simple text files for virtual users/domains
( i am not using mysql or ldap or postgres or anything for virtual domain/user creation)

now how do i configure squirrelmail to access my virtual users/virtual domains created under postfix?

My software details:
Cent OS version 5.0
Postfix version 2.3.3
Dovecot version 1.0
squirrelmail version 1.4.8
1 Solution
Hi, gurubaysoft.

Squirrelmail knows nothing about your file system layout, it log's in to your server via IMAP protocol. So, once you are able to login to your user account via IMAP, you are able to log in via squirrelmail.
Read the manual: http://www.squirrelmail.org/docs/admin/admin-1.html#ss1.1

Dovecot in it's turn can be configured to access standard mbox files (that uses postfix by default) or maildir. I don't know what is tour configuration. But I assume that you use standard postfix mbox like a /var/mail/virtual/domain/user file.

When you configure Dovecot, use alternative mail location in dovecot.conf:
mail_location = /var/mail/virtual/%d/%n
Read here: http://wiki.dovecot.org/MailLocation
And then configure your virtual user database as described here:
read 'static userdb'
Also configure your password database so, that it would preserve @domain part of the user. Read more here http://wiki.dovecot.org/PasswordDatabase

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