How d I link records to one another in different tables

I pulled this very convoluted database from ACCESS and I had to split the tables, apprently I have impotred them into an SQL structure. The tables appear to have retained all of their relations. However, when I look at patients and scroll through that database the patient visits database is supposed to point to the visits which correspond to that patient, via the patient ID field in both. The designer says that there is a relation only link between the two tables, but the are both simply flat tables. This is supposed to be a relational database, as it was in ACCESS. Any ideas as to what might be going on? I have done a lo tof programming in relational databases, paradox, access, DB II, DB IV Alpha, etc but I am stumped on this.
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can you run a query like
Select * From Visit where PatientID = x

if you're getting the right results then the tables are setup properly.

Now if this is not true how about you post the table definitions here.

if you right click on the name of the table in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) then you could Click Script Table As>Create To> New Query Window.

Copy the code here and we could probably help you with it more.

Are you saying a database when in fact you mean a table?  Is your final result in Access or in SQL Server 2005?
evaultAuthor Commented:
Looks like Access as the database which contains the tables, is an .mdb.
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evaultAuthor Commented:
That should read:
Looks like Access, as the database, which contains the tables, is an .mdb

Further when ,I use SQL Manager, from EMS, this particular database does not show in the list of SQL databases that are currently running.
If you're looking in SQL Manager an access database shouldn't appear.

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evaultAuthor Commented:
OK. SO it sounds like when I connect to them into VB 2008 Express it connects to it as an Access DB. That would make sense, but it looks like the wizards are kind of misleading as they appear to make it look like you are connecting to an Access DB as an SQL DB.
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