How do I get audio from a DVI output to an HDMI cable

I have a Dell Desktop with a DVI output I am not currently using.  I would like to connect it to my new HD LCD TV (about 30 feet apart).  As I understand it, the HDMI cable will carry video and audio.   I read a lot here however that DVI does not include audio.  So my question is how do I get the audio into the HDMI cable to send it to the TV?  Are there audio pins in the DVI output connector and is there an adapter that puts them into the HDMI cable?
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DVI will not carry Audio.  Period, there are no adapters.
1) If you have an HDMI slot on your laptop.  By an HDMI cable and plug it into your TV.
2) If you have only a DVI connection on your laptop, you will need to go DVI into your LCD.
3) For audio you have two choices, go directly from your laptop to your LCD or buy a docking station put it next to your TV and use a bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse to access it (technically you don't need a docking station if you do the bluetooth keyboard/mouse).

To set up your audio you will need a "Male Stereo mini connection" (also known as 1/8") from your laptop to the LCD.  If your LCD does not have a Stereo mini input, you will need to get a "Female Stereo Mini to Stereo RCA" adapter.  So the map looks like {Laptop --> Stereo Mini end 1 --> Stereo Mini End 2 --> Female Stereo mini end --> Stereo RCA --> LCD).

The Male Stereo Mini to Stereo mini cable you can get from any computer store.  The adapter may not be at "Any" computer store, but a Radio Shack or the like will have them.


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ArthurQAuthor Commented:
I had to check if I had a digital audio output and I do, so I think this should work.  Thanks Punky
Not to be a naysayer, but do you think he's going to have a SPIDF connection on his laptop?
ArthurQAuthor Commented:
cshockey - I saw the added post and thought I'd post another message.  I hope I wasn't confusing.  It's my "desktop" computer I want to connect and it has a separate sound card with a digital audio out.  Your right, my laptop does not. - Art
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