Get data from a GPS device within WIndows Mobile

Hey Guys,

I have a WIndows Mobile device it has build in GPS, I would like to get the GPS data through my c# program.

I wrote a little program to open the COM0 port, but I get Exception the port it already open by another application.

How do I go about getting data from the GPS
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Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
Maybe another GPS application is currently opened. Notice that in Windows Mobile there is no Close button, just Minimize button, so another GPS application can be still running. Go to the Settings option, look at Memory settings, Running Programs tab.
sonu19Author Commented:
i did that nothing is ruunning, then i went and installed google maps and it worked fine
Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
are you sure it is COM0? I have never seen such port name.
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sonu19Author Commented:
It is com0, because I manullay put that port into google map and it worked fine
I had a similar problem when trying to read from a GPS. I tried a few libraries, GeoFrameworks was one, but the one that works for me is from Franson. It's not too expensive.

I tried opening the serial port manually also when the GeoFrameworks library didn't work for me and had the same error as you. The Franson library is working for me and seems very rugged. I have managed to do all I need to do with it. It's $99 but for me it was worth it. I don't know your circumstances so appologies if this is not possible for you.

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