Sending emails with other domains

Dear All,

We have our main operating domain and two other domain names that we can collect email from for our subsidiary businesses.

Whilst I can recieve emails from all of these domains by adding additonal email addresses in the user's account, when I want to reply to a particular email, my primary email address is used. Is it possible to send out emails utilising the designated address that the email was recieved in SBS?

Regards and thanks

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intekraConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Correct me if I misunderstood your question, you need to use the email address that was used as the destination address then to show up as the display email address? Why don't you just include the 'FROM' field in your Outlook client when composing new email address from the 'options' icon then use the require e-mail but ensure you have full mailbox access right to that particular account though.
The way I read this is that you receive mail from and when you send mail it is sent from  You would rather it said it was from even though you are sending from  Not sure I made that any clearer, anyhoo the thing to do is to create a new recipient policy.  Set this on the exchange box to set the default email address to  This will apply to all users in the domain and will make there primary e-mail address

This article explains the process and how to carry it out.  The only difference is that you want to set this as the primary address so that it is set as your primary mail suffix going out
DLeaver: I see where you're going, but I think the poster wants to be able to switch between domains, and not just change the primary address.

If I understand:
Exchange is configured for all users to have as email addresses.
Email sent to goes to user1's mailbox. User1 replies and message is from
Email sent to comes in to user1's mailbox (since an alias was configured). User1 replies but the sent email still shows

I've not tried mcse2007's suggestion yet, but I'm not sure if that will work.
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