Cna anybody provide me a link where i can see , how to create and deploy images in Altiris Software

how to create and deploy images in Altiris Software
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I don't know of a link because Altiris was bought by symantec, so they wiped out everything that points to altiris. But it's so easy, boot the pc that you want to create the image with the altiris diskette, choose create an image, choose the image name, this will create the image on your altiris server. For deploying images, you do the same but this time you choose restore and you browse to the image on the server.
I will check if i can create scrren captures of it or if i have the coumentation somewhere.

Here it is. I don't know which version you have, but it's almost the same instructions for all the versions.Enjoy


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Just a thought:
If he deploys the image, shouldn't sysprep be run first to prevent from haing a duplicate SID?
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frank101899Author Commented:
Hi Guys thanks for the Prompt response.
I have altiris 6.8 ....
Will that help , to provide the relevant pdf.
They are almost the same.
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