FTP Task not completing on SQL Server 2000 DTS Package, size limit? time limit?

I am transfering a large file ~500MB from one server to another via a FTP Task inside of a SQL Server 2000 DTS package.  During execution I can see the destination file growing however at varying times the FTP task stops and eventually fails.  I'm wondering is there a file size limit for this type of task or is there a time limit on how quickly the file has to me moved over?   Using a FTP stand-alone program the file usually takes 1hr40min to transfer however even the stand-alone program doesn't always transfer the entire file without erroring out.  Could there be a setting on my FTP server that I am missing?
Windows 2003 Server --> Windows 2003 Server
transferring ~500MB text file

Any ideas?
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Unreliable connection? So the larger files you transmit the more chanses on errors.
You can give it a try to transfer the a zipped version of your file and transfer it 'binary'.

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